Discover Perfect Privacy Behind a Living Bamboo Screen

A living screen can be the perfect way to surround a private seating area outdoors.

The warm days of summer are on their way, and many people are looking forward to enjoying their outdoor living space. However, there are times when privacy becomes an issue and can prevent the backyard or garden from being a place to relax. Whether the neighbors built a second story and suddenly the yard feels like a fishbowl, or the proverb “Good fences build good neighbors” becomes suddenly relevant, a living bamboo screen may be the answer.  More and more customers have come to Instant Jungle International asking about bamboo screens. They want something to solve their privacy problem without building a wall or a fence—especially if what they want to block is several yards high.

Even foliage, such as a ficus or privet hedge, would create a dense barrier and can turn the “fishbowl” feeling into one of being “hemmed in.” By using bamboo, the screen provides a softer, open feel that allows light to penetrate. A great reason for using living bamboo is that you can create a screen that is as tall as you need, whether it is 10′ or 30′.

Quite a few of their clients up in Malibu have some paparazzi issues. These large bamboo plants not only prevent the photographers from gaining access, they also give them privacy from long-range photography.

Many people are under the impression that bamboo is a plant with roots that cannot be contained and will take over their landscaped garden. This certainly is true—to a point. There are two kinds of bamboo: “running bamboo,” or Phyllostachys aurea; and “clumping bamboo,” or Bambusa.

Instant Jungle has three bamboo growing locations and has many different types and quantities for customers from which to choose. Depending on availability and delivery location, an order of bamboo can be installed in as quickly as 24-hours, and always within one week. Instant Jungle can provide planting guidelines, along with the best planting techniques, for those who already have a garden maintenance service or landscaper. “We recommend that customers use us for their installation,” says co-owner Greg Wallace. “That way we have control over the soil medium, the irrigation capability, and where the bamboo is planted.”

Bamboo may also be utilized for interior applications, such as home interiors, hotels, restaurants, and as dividing screens in corporate lobbies. If lighting is an issue, realistic-looking, silk bamboo has proven to be the most effective design solution to enhance the architectural space.

If you have questions regarding bamboo, please call Instant Jungle International directly at 800-447-4007, or contact us via our online form. We are always happy to answer customer queries!

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