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Maintaining Bamboo is Easy!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Bamboo makes great landscaping plants and living fences, but homeowners need to remember to maintain their bamboo to prevent it from growing rampant.

Instant Jungle loves bamboo, especially the versatility of the plant and its uniqueness in growth and color pattern formations.  We are a strong advocate in creatively using bamboo to landscape exteriors; for example, we love that bamboo can be used as an eco-friendly living fence that not only gives homeowners privacy but also looks stunning in backyards.  Though beautiful, many people assume that bamboo can be a tricky plant to maintain, and if not watched over carefully can run rampant and proliferate all throughout your backyard! This is a myth: bamboo is actually quite easy to contain.

Bamboo species can be split into two main categories: clumpers or runners.  The latter is the type that people have to be careful of when growing; runner bamboo types proliferate by rhizomes, root-like stems that grow underground and feed up new shoots and which can proliferate within dozens of feet from its original planting site.   If owners do not tend to their runner bamboo, the plant will grow out of control.

For homeowners using bamboo as a living fence, this poses a slight problem.  In order to control running bamboo from running into neighbors’ backyards, homeowners must tend to their bamboo yearly.  The simplest way to control running bamboo is to cut off unwanted shoots every spring season.  This is only a temporary solution, as bamboo grows through its underground rhizomes.  Removing any rhizomes that stray away from the contained area will make it easier to prevent unwanted bamboo from popping up in different areas.


Bamboo Myths

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Planting exotic bamboo is the new trend in Southern California

Although the trend for bamboo is growing fast, there’s still a lot of questions out there about this tall, striking plant. Instant Jungle International has been dealing with bamboo and other tropical plants for our entire 30-year career, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge by answering some frequently asked questions.

1.  Doesn’t all bamboo run rampant once planted?

Bamboo comes in two forms, clumping and “grove-like” or running bamboo. Running bamboo can be easily contained with root barrier. Root barrier is usually a 30 or 40 mm polyethylene plastic sheeting that encircles the area where you want the “grove-like bamboo” to stay contained. It is supplied in 24”, 30” and 36” depths and ships in roll

2.How fast does bamboo grow?

Bamboo varieties differ in rate of growth. The timber varieties grow fairly fast and can grow quite tall, ranging from 25’-45’ in maturity. Other varieties reach a shorter height and grow somewhat slower.

3. How many kinds of bamboo are there?

There are hundreds of varieties of bamboo. Most varieties that are used ornamentally in garden number about 20-30.

4.  Are there bamboo types that can be used indoors?

Some bamboo varieties may be used in an interior application– there must be sufficient overhead lighting and good ventilation

5.  Is there bamboo that doesn’t need a lot of water or light?

Instant Jungle builds and supplies “replica” bamboo, which are “silk” bamboo. We use real canes and attach silk leaves to the branches.


Need Privacy? Use Bamboo As A “Living Fence”

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Celebrities use living fences to ward off paparazzi, but this couple has used it effectively in a small space in Venice Beach, California, creating a lovely place for their family to relax and entertain without the neighbors being able to look in. (Photo courtesy of Sunset Magazine)

Looking for a little privacy in your backyard?  Building a fence might be an option, but can make your backyard feel too closed in and unpleasant.  And, we have to admit, fences are a bit old school! If you are looking for a modern twist on the fence, consider using  “living walls”, the trend of using living plants as privacy fences. Bamboo plants make excellent choices for creating a privacy hedge—their height and vibrant foliage colors make them a unique way to artfully, yet very subtly, barricade your backyard from unwanted eyes.  And, planting a bamboo fence is much more cost-effective and eco-friendly than erecting a fence!  Sunset Magazine agrees that living fences are the latest trend, and that they are here to stay.

Instant Jungle carries a huge selection of unique and beautiful bamboo species.  Homeowners to acclaimed landscape architects to high-end hotels have sought out our bamboo species for their interior decorating and outdoor landscaping needs.  If you are looking for an attractive bamboo plant to use as a living fence or for any other landscaping purpose, come by to one of our three Southern California locations.  If you have any questions about bamboo trees or if you would like to learn more about our company, please call us at 800.447.4007 or visit our website at

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